Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Best Paid Survey Sites

Paid survey sites are a great way to make a little extra money. There are a lot of paid survey sites out there that are a waste of time. But, don't worry I won't include any of them here. I had joined a few from their enticing banner ads but, I quickly dropped them. Some even ask for you to pay them which is very strange to me. I am very skeptical of them and therefor haven't tried any of those survey sites. Here are some sites that I make a few dollars here and there with that don't require too much effort. Mostly I have gotten gift cards and checks. So on to my picks.

Paid Survey Sites: CashCrate
CashCrate is one of the newer survey sites I have tried and it seems great. It also has great potential for getting me more income over time. CashCrate offers 2 simple daily surveys. So every 24 hours you can login and fill out the surveys you will make 80 cents for each one. So by the end of the month it can start to add up. They also organize their offers very well. You can select what will be listed first. Either 100% free offers or trial offers. Then you can also list them from newest first or highest amount paid first. The trial offers can earn you more but, they also require more of you. You will also need to cancel most trials so you don't get charged for anything later. I typically make my money from the daily surveys and from referrals.

The referrals income is a lot better at Cash Crate than any other one I have tried. By sending other people like yourself to CashCrate I can make a little money from everything they do at Cash Crate. There are even a few different levels. So the more people you send to Cash Crate and the more active they are they higher the percentage can be. you also get a bonus of $3 every time a referral earns their first $10.

Paid Surveys: My Survey

My Survey is among my favorite Paid Survey sites. My Survey is just the easiest to work with. I get an email telling me every time their is a new survey that fits my profile and I typically have plenty of time to to fill out the survey. So I usually let them add up then I will login and do 3 or 4 in a row. Their surveys are usually pretty short and they give a fair amount of points relative to the time it should take to complete it. The point scan then be traded in for a check or various prizes. So far I have gotten a month long subscription to NetFlix, a gift card to Applebees and I am currently saving up for either another gift card or a check. The gift cards are great because I can use them to take my family out to eat. My wife loves when I get them. But, I don't think she realizes that I actually do put some decent effort into getting them.

Paid Survey Sites: InBoxDollars

InBoxDollars seems great. I regularly get emails and if I click on them I make a few cents for each one. So far I have clicked on 460 in order to make $9.60. I think I should stop wasting time on the emails and put more effort into the other options at In Box Dollars to make money. This site also offers a daily survey which I don't usually find the time for but, probably should. The few surveys I have done here have gotten me a lot more in return than the emails when considering the effort involved. When I first signed up I was given a few days in which if I could get others to signup I would make $5 for each one. I was only able to find one. If you do sign up for this make sure you are prepared to add a few more people quickly because it is a great bonus offer. They also offer cash for playing games. I love games but, haven't bothered trying this yet. My favorite feature is that if you shop through their links you can get all kinds of money back depending on the store. So far I have used their links a few times and it has really paid off. I should always check and see if a store I am planning to buy at is listed but, I don't always think of it. In Box Dollars offers a ton of stores. Some popular stores include which is one of the cheapest for electronics, Dale and Thomas Popcorn, Old Navy, Apple Itunes for 2.5% back on downloads, Bath and Body is 9% back and I can't believe I never noticed it before because my wife shops there all of the time. I think I would do a lot better here ignoring the stupid emails and just double checking every online store I shop at because I do almost all of my shopping, online not counting food. apparently they also offer really cheap insurance by making local agents compete for your business. I have no idea how well that works. If you have an opinion let me know.

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